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Shaping a Future Where AI Empowers Humanity

Welcome to "AI for Humanity" – a manifesto for a future where AI amplifies humanity’s potential and creates a fairer world for all. This book calls for us to rethink our approach to AI.

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This timely book reminds us that using AI for Good is a conscious choice we can and must make collectively.

Dr. Cheong Wei Yang, Vice-Provost, Singapore Management University

Former Deputy CEO, National Research Foundation

A seminal book that explores AI’s risks, potential, and the complexities of sustainable development.

Steven Hoffman, Chairman of the Founders Space and Acclaimed Author

Whether seasoned or curious, readers will find inspiration and empowerment to engage with AI for the betterment of humanity.

Professor Simon See, Global Head of Nvidia AI Technology Centre

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Meet the Authors

Meet the dynamic trio behind the mission: AI scientist James Ong, PhD,

risk guru Andeed Ma, and innovative storyteller Siok Siok Tan.

They fuse their diverse perspectives to create a holistic vision for the future of AI.

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Andeed Ma is President of the Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS) and is a cloud, AI, and risk management leader for over 16+ years with major SaaS enterprises, including ServiceNow, CyberArk, and ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. He lectures on AI at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and academies, and also mentors startups in various accelerator programs.

James Ong, PhD., founded the Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII), a think tank advocating Sustainable AI for Humanity. With 38+ years as an entrepreneur, tech executive, venture builder and professor, he enjoys his journey of ecosystem building for impactful outcomes, bridging scientific research, startups, and impact investment.

Siok Siok Tan is a filmmaker and innovator whose works explore the nexus of humanity, social change and technology. Her documentaries and mobile photography have captivated global attention from CNN to The Guardian, from the People’s Daily to the Times of India. Her storytelling transcends mediums, advocating for a future where technology empowers humanity.

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Paradigm Shift Toward Sustainable AI

We invite you to champion a transformative shift from ‘AI as Usual’ to 'AI for Humanity', balancing governance, technology, and commercialisation.

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Anticipating James's forthcoming book, co-authored with esteemed colleagues, which explores aligning AI with humanity's interests.

Professor Ong Yew Soon, President Chair Professor of Computer Science, NTU, Chief AI Scientist, A*STAR.

Commendable work inspiring readers to join the global AI for Humanity movement.

Patrick Tay, Member of Parliament, Pioneer SMC, Assistant Secretary-General, NTUC.

Early Raves

Compelling insights into AI’s intersection with humanity, addressing current and evolving risks.

Dr. Chong Yoke Sin

Chair of the SCS Ethics in AI Governing Committee

A comprehensive overview of AI debates, presenting diverse viewpoints and a risk framework

Victoria Wymark, Chief Of Staff, PwC

Concerns arose about AI's threats, but "AI For Humanity" by James, Andeed, and Siok stresses AI's role as humanity's ally, not replacement.

Harish Pillay: Deputy Chairman, IT Standards Committee of Enterprise Singapore,

AI Verify Foundation

Essential for future leaders, raising awareness and preparing them to build a safer, more sustainable future with AI.

Dr. David Ong, Chairman of

Singapore Mentorship Committee (SMC)

This essential work ensures AI's sustainability for generations.

Professor David Lee, SUSS and Chairman, GFI

This book comes at the perfect timing to allow us to pause and rethink AI.

Professor Tony Quek, ISTD Head of Pillar and Cheng Tsang Man Chair Professor , SUTD

It echoes our mission of ensuring AI benefits humanity, advocating for independent audits to foster trust and manage risks.

Ryan Carrier, Executive Director, ForHumanity

A thoroughly accessible attempt to make sense of what is possibly the most impactful technology to humankind since the splitting of the atom.

Woei Yuan Seng, Director Technology Cluster,

MP International and Co-Founder of AIMX Summit

Emphasizing sustainability, governance, and ethical balance, it guides us through AI's societal and environmental impacts.

Dr. Meng-Chow Kang, Adjunct Assoc Prof. at NTU

"AI for Humanity" by Dr. Ong and colleagues is crucial in preventing AI from becoming a runaway train.

Dr William Wan JP., PhD., Former General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement

Kudos to Andeed Ma, James Ong, and Tan Siok Siok for their collaborative effort in crafting this insightful resource.

Dr. Stephen Yee: Deputy Executive Director, SNEF

Yet, "AI for Humanity" offers hope for understanding and enlightenment, prompting introspection on what it means to be human.

Kuo Jian Hong, Artistic Director of

The Theatre Practice (Singapore)

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